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Who knew there was so much interest in Netflix, and related plugins for MovableType? Just when I thought I was finished up tweaking Ben's original plugin to display the Netflix Queue, I began to get other requests for other lists and various features.

So, I have decided to just put three plugins in one zip file and name it, presumptuously, the Netflix Suite.

Here are the plugins enclosed:

NOTE: The Image Tags return a URL to the small image for each movie. This uses Netflix's bandwidth, and I don't recommend it. It has been heavily requested, though, so it is included.


Displays movies in your rental queue.

Available tags are:

Additional arguments for <MTNetfilxQueue> are "lastn" "firstn" and "randomn"
These treat your queue as such, i.e., FIFO, but they allude to weblogs where
the "lastn" are the "n" most recent posts. In this plugin , "lastn" returns the
list of "n" movies at the top of your queue, and "firstn" returns the list of
"n" movies at the bottom. "randomn" returns "n" random movies selected from your
queue. So, <MTNetflixQueue session_id = "<your session ID>" lastn = "10"> will
return the next 10 movies you will be viewing. Caution: Use of the image tag uses THEIR bandwith.


Displays list of movies you currently have on rental from NetFlix.

Available tags are:

Additional arguments for <MTNetfilxOutstanding> are "lastn" "firstn" and "randomn"
These treat your "oustanding" queue as such, i.e., FIFO, but they allude to weblogs where
the "lastn" are the "n" most recent posts. In this plugin , "lastn" returns the
list of "n" movies at the top of your "outstanding" queue, and "firstn" returns the list of
"n" movies at the bottom. "randomn" returns "n" random movies selected from your
"outstanding" queue. So, <MTNetflixOutstanding session_id = "<your session ID>" lastn = "3"> will
return the next 3 movies you have out. Caution: Use of the image tag uses THEIR bandwith.

Netflix History

Displays movies you have recently rented and presumably watched.

Available tags are:

An additional argument for <MTNetfilxHistory> is "lastn"
This treats your "history" queue as such, i.e., FIFO, but alludes to weblogs where
the "lastn" are the "n" most recent posts. In this plugin , "lastn" returns the
list of "n" movies at the top of your "history" queue.
So, <MTNetflixHistory session_id = "<your session ID>" lastn = "3"> will
return the top 3 movies you have out.

Caution: Caution: Use of the image tag uses THEIR bandwith.

Download: NetflixSuite


123 Responses to NetFlix Suite
  1. Seth Bokelman Says:

    Has Netflix changed their format again?  The plugin has stopped working for me. :(

  2. megan Says:

    Hi. Great plug-in. I can’t seem to get it to work. I put in the code and this is what I got

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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  4. Robert Says:

    I just installed this on MT 3.2.  When I rebuild the static file I’ll be including later, I don’t seem to have any problems with the tags, but I do get the following error:

    Build error in template ‘Include: Netflix Queue’: Error in

    tag: HTTP error: 500 Can’t connect to www.netflix.com:80 (connect: Connection timed out)

    Any thoughts?

  5. Oscar Says:

    Okay, I’m having a little trouble testing the History plugin to see whether I have it working. Netflix totally changed the rating code, so I had to try something new to enable the star ratings. I’d appreciate it if anyone interested could test this and let me know the results:

    Download Netflix History Test Plugin


  6. Oscar Says:

    Joni - Sorry to be so long in responding. It seems to me that your examples should invokr the plugin just fine, but you have not included any actual tags, and it is those that will return the info. Email if you have more trouble getting it to work. If you look at the text of the plugin itself, i.e., open it in a text editor, there is a little snippet of sample code that may help.

    Jebus - Sorry about the star rating problem - it’s still on my list of things to look at - maybe I can get to it today ...

  7. Joni Mueller Says:

    Hi, Oscar.  I am redoing my husband’s site (which is password protected, that’s why I didn’t provide you an URL).  But I’ve tried to implement this code on his site (MT 3.17) with no luck.  I finally got it to quit bellyaching about the code strings being wrong, and I think I have them right.  But it outputs no information at all.  Here is the code in his sidebar (substituted [] for the left and right carets):

    [div class=“sidetitle”]Currently Viewing[/div]
    [div class=“side”]
    [$MTNetflixOutstanding session_id=“P[id concealed]”]

    [div class=“sidetitle”]Recently Viewed[/div]
    [div class=“side”]
    [$MTNetflixHistory session_id=“P[id concealed]” lastn=“5”]

    I’d love to see this thing work on his site.  I know my session IDs are correct because I use WordPress on my blog (http://babygotblog.com) and that Netflix plugin works fine and dandy.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  8. jebus Says:

    Hey, thanks for the wonderful suite of plugins.  My only problem is getting the rating stars to display. 

    I keep the Netflix bit of code located at www.bwaht.net/sidebar/radio.html and then include it in www.bwaht.net/index.php by way of

    $basedirectory = “blah”;

    (using square brackets there because it won’t show up in this comment, and blah is an actual path).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  9. Wicked Elf Says:

    Just as a follow up to the above question.  I did try the method suggested above.  My NetFlix page *IS* a php page, and while I couldn’t use php includes for this (since it includes MT codes…  needed to be processed through MT - if there is another way of doing that, I’d be happy to try) - I stuck them in an MTInclude, but that didn’t seem to be much different than having it in the actual index template.  But it still only shows changes/updates on rebuild, not refresh.

  10. Wicked Elf Says:

    First of all, thanks for maintaining this plugin.  I love it! 

    The little problem I am having is getting it to parse the info without having to rebuild.  Just hitting refresh does not show the most recent changes to my queue or history, only when I actually rebuild the index page it is on.  (this is using the most recent version of the plugin added 5/19/05).  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance!!

  11. Charles Says:

    OK - so does anyone know why my queue is now diaplaying numbers instead of the titles?http://www.ofhills.com/blog/smilies/sad.gif:

  12. Iki Says:

    I think if you made your netflix.html page a netflix.php page, it would go get the info every time. Or if you make the part with the netflix code in it an include. I had my netflix info on my homepage as a php include, and it updated everytime I opened the page - regardless of whether I’d rebuilded. Because the plugin had to go retrieve the include and parsed it when it fetched it.

    Could be wrong tho - wouldn’t be the first time. smile

  13. pesto Says:

    Hey.. many thx for the repilies.. didn’t think I’d see any so fast!

    What I have setup is the netflix info on a seperate html page that I currenly link to off my main weblog page..  I was hoping when I clicked the link that the netflix.html page (setup as dynamic) would rebuild at that point so it always reflects the latest info without having to always rebuild that page.

    I guess I can look into the rss feeds.. I imagine I would need to parse out the info from the xml file myself?

    Anyway.. thx for the quick replies and thx for the plugin.. although I can quickly just go to the netflix site for the info.. it’s kinda cool to be able to add it to my site and format as I please.

  14. Kim Says:

    Oscar, we’re all grateful that you even wrote this to begin with smile While I am still using an older version of MT and older code of yours that still works, anyone with issues could just use Netflix’s RSS feed. (http://www.netflix.com/RSSFeeds?lnkctr=mfRSS)

  15. Oscar Says:

    Well, I must confess, I have kept these plugins up to date as well as I could, but I have not kept up with MT’s PHP side. If I understand correctly, plugins must have their tags ported to PHP in order to work with the dynamic system, and I confess I just do not have the time to work this out, these days.

    It seems to me, however, that your Netflix info changes too slowly to be worthy of dynamic output anyway, so why not work around it by putting the Netflix plugin code in a static template, and then use an include in your Smarty code, like:

    {{include “/my/path/netflix_static.php”}}

    Correct me if this won’t work, but it seems like a good idea ...

    If anyone wants to offer some code to bring the plugins up to speed with MT’s dynamic side, I would appreciate it

  16. Pesto Says:

    http://www.ofhills.com/blog/smilies/evil.gif strange.. I get this error when setting my pages to build dynamically:

    Smarty error: [in mt:40 line 45]: syntax error: unrecognized tag ‘MTNetflixOutstanding’ (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 556)

    Can the addon not work with dynamic page buildign?

  17. cooper lizarraga Says:

    please close my account now! do not send any more moves. i will return my moves. close this accont now.  thank you. cooper lizarraga

  18. Oscar Says:

    Okay, I finally got a chance to fix that image problem. Everything should work fine now. I tweaked all three plugins although I think I forgot to note the update date in all but NetflixQueue. Download the suite and replace all three plugins if you want to be fully up to date. Let me know if there are problems.

    Sorry for the long delay!

  19. Oscar Says:

    Thanks Seth. Thanks Kim.

    Yeah, I think the rest of the plugin still works, so it should be an easy fix http://www.ofhills.com/blog/smilies/shocked.gif

  20. kim Says:

    Oh hmm. It seems the last poster is using the image/rating function, which I am not. The basic text/link plugin bit still works fine.

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NetFlix Suite

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